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If you have used your elements:

The Berkey PF-2™ elements can be stored in a refrigerator, short term; but definitely don’t store them in a freezer. To do this, remove the filters from the system, place them into a sealable sandwich bag or container and place the filters in the refrigerator towards the front to ensure that they do not freeze.

If you do store them in a refrigerator, we recommend re-purging the Berkey PF-2™ post filter elements, for up to 1-minute each in both directions, before using them again.

The Berkey PF-2™ elements should not be allowed to air dry as this could allow some bacteria growth in the media to occur.

Due to the contents of the media in the Berkey PF-4™ elements, storage in a refrigerator is not recommended. Once use begins, the Berkey PF-4™ post filter elements have a six month life expectancy, regardless.

If you have never used your elements:

If the elements are unopened and in their original packaging, please ensure you do not store the elements in an area that also has strong smells to them, such as a laundry room or garage. The elements have carbon as one of their components so it is possible for them to absorb the odors of the room they are stored in. For example if they are stored in a laundry room, it is possible for the media in the elements to pick up the odor of highly fragranced items such as powdered laundry soap.