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British Berkefeld / Doulton Super Sterasyl Ceramic Filter

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7 inch by 2 inch Replacement ceramic water filter candle
At the heart of all FICL’s filters is the Sterasyl™ ceramic. The ceramic is impregnated with silver to make it self-sterilising. Silver inhibits the growth of bacteria. Sterasyl™ ceramics have a tightly controlled complex pore structure, which has unparalleled filtration properties. Sterasyl™ is effective in both gravity and pressure filters.
With its Absolute filtration rating (defined as >99.99%) of 0.9 microns, Sterasyl™ is highly effective against particulate contamination, pathogenic bacteria, cysts etc.
The Sterasyl™ ceramic is filled with granular activated carbon to produce the Super Sterasyl™ filter element. Among other things, activated carbon is very effective at removing chlorine and organics from water.
Super Sterasyl™ uses granular activated carbon instead of an activated carbon block in order to give superior flow rates in a gravity filter. Granular carbon is not as effective as a carbon block under pressure conditions. Therefore, in a pressure filter, Supercarb™ should be used for chlorine and organics removal.
Super Sterasyl™ has all the benefits of Sterasyl™ (removal of particles, pathogenic bacteria, cysts etc.), with additional chlorine and organics removal capabilities.

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